Limited Run Netflix Daredevil canes in machined aluminum (new pics post #4)


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So me and my partner are enjoying the new Daredevil series and decided we wanted a set of the canes for our display cabinets,
We figured since we have the equipment in our garages we may as well make some. Problem was the limited info available for sizing and such.
We decided to go with the 1 inch diameter since that is what the canes used in the previous movie were.
We then poured through numerous screen caps that seemed to confuse as much as it helped.
I think the most confusing aspect of the screen caps was differentiating between the hero and the stunt clubs.
We finally came up with dimensions using the 1 inch assumption and were able to scale from there.
We did a number of renders before settling on the overall look.
After three prototypes we finally came up with something we were both very happy with.
Now I do understand that a few others are tackling this project but I wanted mine in aluminum based on what I saw on the screen, not what others saw.
We decided that since we are already set up for making our own I would see who else would want one.
We haven't decided what kind of connector we are going to use, but have narrowed it down to two.
A twist type similar to what you see on the show or threading together with larger threads to minimize number of turns to separate.
Once we make the decision it will be the only way it will be available from us.
The price for an aluminum machined kit is 200.00 plus 17.00 for insured priority mail.
If you decide you want a kit, just email me at and you will be notified on how and when to make payment.
The enclosed photos are of the third and final overall look prototype.
The kits will come unfinished so you can paint it whatever color you decide.
I will post a pic of the prototype painted with transparent red in a few days, it gives it an almost anodized look that I really like.
The last pic is how the kit will ship, we should be able to start shipping 2 weeks after collecting payments.
We are only going to set up for the one run, so be sure to email so I can get a good count.

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Have you decided what kind of connector you are going to use to separate & connect the 2 pieces yet?
I'm kind of waiting to order until I see what the final design will be.
We are still working on the connector and I'll post an update as soon as I have something to show you guys.
I also want the simple twist dis-connect.
Question for you: on some projects I've seen that there are 2 of the smooth red bands on the clubs, but yours only have one. Is this something we can confirm as accurate before the final product?
Good question.
The first prototype we made had the 2 rings on it, but we then did tons more screen grabs and we just can't confirm the second one we thought was lower to the end of the clubs.
The upper ring is clearly there and acts as a catch for the holster.
I was pm'ing with Rylo and he feels that there are 3 rings on it.
So lets get some input on this from you guys, what are you seeing.
Truth is, the screen grabs and scenes so far are really dark.

Alright, I went back through that final fight and this was the best I could do. If you look, I believe you can in fact see two of those bands in this image. Now, it does look to me like one sticks out further (to hold it in the holster), but both bands are visible.
I am pretty sure only the longer stick has the smooth, slightly-wider "ring", AFAIK the shorter club has a smooth ring as well but it is simply a smoothed section of the club and not a wider "catch" of any kind. I've looked at a ton of screenshots and never been able to find the wider "ring" on the shorter club.

I was also under the impression that there was only one glass eye on the combined billy club (again, located on the longer club).
I would find it strange if the short club didn't also have that wider band since they both sit in the holster the same way.
I agree, it is super strange-- but you can see the shorter club in tons of shots and the wider band is clearly not there. Sort of mind-boggling, to be honest-- and coming from another propbuilder working on these things, very frustrating.

This shot is him catching the shorter one after he richochet's it off a bad guy-- it is the shorter one, if the shot that happens right after he catches it is any indication:

Also not visible here:

Or here:
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.55.25 PM.png

Or even here, where you can tell see there's only one wider band (on the end that is closest to the camera). Now there IS a smoothed section in the knurling-- I believe this is actually present on both clubs, more towards the lower end of each stick-- but I believe those are simply finger mark guides like you would find on a barbell or a cane for the blind, and not actually a wider band like the one that can clearly be seen on the longer stick:

Believe me, I am totally with you-- it makes no sense for it NOT to be there. The only thing I can think of is that it is a difference between the hero and stunt clubs, but it seems like a glaring oversight considering that we never see it in any of the "moneyshots" where it is shown close-up OR when a stunt club is clearly being used.
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When I was searching for good screen grabs, I was getting very upset that every shot of the club pretty much has his hand right over where those bands would be. Can't they just release an official shot and throw us a bone?! It's too bad they were only used for such a short time or I'm sure we'd have plenty of good shots.
When I was searching for good screen grabs, I was getting very upset that every shot of the club pretty much has his hand right over where those bands would be. Can't they just release an official shot and throw us a bone?! It's too bad they were only used for such a short time or I'm sure we'd have plenty of good shots.

I believe the suit is/was on display somewhere public for an exhibit but I have no idea where and reverse-google image search hasn't been any help.


I retract my earlier statement about the glass eyes-- pretty sure you can see two here. Good catch, Nicksdad. :)

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