Netflix and streaming

Here's a question - will their streaming library expand with the price increase?

If I understand it, they're not increasing the stream price. When I signed up for the free month, it said that the streaming price was 8 bucks.

I'm not all that into the movie selection, but the documentaries and tv selection is, in my opinion, a good deal for 8 bucks a month.
I'm probably going to stick with both DVD and streaming for now. I like to catch movies that aren't available for streaming (seems most of what I watch isn't), plus I'm not big on the whole RedBox thing yet and renting stuff via DirecTV's pay-per-view thing is too expensive to do very often. So I'll keep it for now and maybe change to streaming only if necessary.
Honestly I still find the prices very fair, yeah the price hike for physical rentals is a little high if you never use it, but the streaming is still one hell of a bargain IMO... In truth it's not worth my time and trouble to get in the car vs paying for the monthly streaming, even if I only watch one or two movies a month...
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