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Are there any limitations there?

Can I streat 10 movies/shows a day (i'm not going to mind you, just curious if they limit things).

Do they stream 720 or 1080 these days?

They say it's $8/mo for streaming only. Is that x amount of things you can stream a month? etc.

When I decide to watch something, say a 2hr movie, I click to stream it, how long til i'm watching it?

How much of classic who do they have? :)

Basically looking for the low down on it.
I've had it since December and usually watch through my PS3. No limits. Not only that but you can use the same account at different times. My daughter is always watching stuff on her iTouch. And I used it while I was away at a Navy school on my laptop.

Once you select something, it comes up in a few seconds. There has been very few times there have been buffering issues.
Well worth the $8 a month! I've had it for going on a year now and couldn't be happier with the selection and speed movies load in.

Definitely not 1080. Streaming is great though. Usually takes a few seconds to buffer up and then no interruptions. Every once in a blue moon, it will say my speed has decreased and show it in a lower resolution. Still watchable and it will pick back up in the high resolution if it can.
Netflix is responsible for nearly 30 percent of internet traffic into homes during peak evening hours, compared with less than 17 percent for Web browsing which is usually why the occasional interruption or performance hiccup isn't that surprising.

I had my reservations initially when its first became available on the home consoles because besides Buckaroo Banzai and the first season of Quantum Leap the selection was slim at best. :lol

Flash forward a few years their streaming library is easily the best second only to Hulu. Your instant queue offers you unlimited viewing with the standard $8.00 a month package, you’re limited to only one DVD to mail but I don’t ever use that portion of the service anyway. Most of the newer content is already in high definition though like clutch mentioned earlier there not in 1080 yet.

Being able to have a single account tied to all my different hardware at home is glorious. My brother is a wildland firefighter currently deployed to the fires in Texas and he's using my account via the iPhone without any fuss.

I can’t recommend this service enough, it’s convenient, accessible and the sheer wealth of content for the price is truly a bargain.
I like what i'm hearing so far.

I assume I can set the account up on the netflix site and give them the payment info and NOT have to give it to sony (to play through the PS3) because no chance in hell they're getting my payment info after their mess ups the last few months. :)
I've been trying to convince my dad to ditch DirecTV. We have the base package plus HBO, but we always settle on American Pickers or old Seinfeld episodes. That's hardly worth the $1000 or so a year he pays for it. With how much is available online legally these days, that amount is outrageous.

I built a home theater PC a year or so ago and put Media Portal on it, so I have all the content I ripped from my DVDs, as well as Hulu and Netflix when I decide to subscribe to that, which will be soon after hearing all the positive things about it. Eight bucks is the right price in my eyes.
Just a warning .. you have NO streaming limit through Netflix, HOWEVER, your ISP that gives you high speed internet MAY have streaming limits each month. You should check that out first, and see if you have a data cap per month and what it is. Some ISPs provide a tool which will allow you to see how much you have used each month. If you go over, your ISP may give you additional internet charges.
What everybody said plus 1 :thumbsup
I've been with Netflix for about two years now and love it. When my sister went to college I gave her my account access and we would watch movies together over the phone. At night I stream over the company projector, good times.

Your payment info is given to netflix, not PS3 or Xbox.
The newer movies are what Starz plays. So if you know what is coming soon (and you can check that on their web site) you can save on some rentals.

New arrivals are also older movies and TV show which were not avaiable on Netflix prior. Mainly it is a great way to watch old series that you have not seen before or needed to catch up on. I loved watching Columbo again, and I am in the middle of Farscape and Mr Bean right now. They also tend to get a lot of those DC animated movies about 6 months after they are released.
I had my doubts at first...until I used it. It is awwwwesome. Getting caught up on Farscape at the moment and about half way through. Some of their library is DVD only (Curse you Sword and the Sorcerer!) but it has enough to make you say "Oh, I did wanna check that out".
Netflix will be the greatest $8 you'll ever spend a month. It keeps getting better as they are always updating and adding new movies and shows.
Thanks to Netflix I got to watch Earth 2 and Space: Above and Beyond again! :cool

My wife got me hooked on that stupid Desperate Housewives series. Glad I got through them. Stupid addictive nonsense! :$

I just couldn't get into Farscape. I don't care for corny muppets and weak plots. I can get that from Buck Rogers and the OT Star Trek.

I'm trying to get into Babylon 5. The characters are growing on me, but it seems like just another Star Trek or DS9 style series. Firefly was so refreshing. Wish it hadn't been prematurely canceled. Thank the gods for BSG, though!

Tryiing to find a good series that I can sink my teeth into. For now, I think the occasional Stargate series and Babylon 5 is it. Tried 24, but didn't do anything for me. Maybe I'll give it another chance some day. Not much of a tv person anyway. And for the comment above, can't imagine someone watching so much that it exceeds their ISP's streaming limits. :confused
I have a Netflix subscription and really enjoy it, but the one thing that kind of caught me by surprise when I initially joined is the fact that their library isn't entirely available via streaming.

Given, they've made huge additions to their streaming library over the last year alone, but it's still not as comprehensive as their DVD selection.

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It allowed me to watch the entire Nip/Tuck series as well as so much more. I have the app on my Sony player but the Roku I have blows it away with how it operates and the layout.
I have had some problems with quality, skipping, and freezing, but I suspect it's my crappy computer and slow internet speed, not Netflix. I love the service and have been able to watch whole series and many movies conveniently and quickly. An absolute bargain.

One thing I didn't realize is they rotate what's available, so if there's something you want to see, see it, because it might not be streaming next time :(
The only issue I've had is some of the seasons of tv shows I've watched don't have the entire season streaming? Part of a season is disc only and part is streaming. That makes no sense to me.

Other than that...absolutely great price for the near unlimited entertainment!
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