Nerf Scout Trouper Blaster Repaint

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Hasbro certainly has their original Scout Trooper toy blaster molds, but not sure if they would lent /rented them to NERF as reference for their own gun. Thing is, NERF got their reference from SOMEWHERE.

And while the NERF gun seems to be larger than the actual ROTJ filming resin props....

...but maybe the NERF gun was based on The Mandalorian filming weapon(s)? Are they the "same" as the ROTJ version, or different?
Kenner became Hasbro and Nerf is just a toy line name under Hasbro umbrella.

The Kenner Return of the Jedi blaster toy is nice but it is not perfect so no reason to use that as the base.

And yes. We don't know anything about what was used as a reference for the toy. It could very well been something obtained/created for the Mandalorian and the may have design details different from the Return of the Jedi prop. So any detail variables on the Nerf can either be, changes for functionality, artistic changes, or unique details in a new and different filming prop. So many possibilities.


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I think my only recommendation on the trigger would be if it could be designed so that the bottom of the trigger blended more to the grip so that it is less obvious (smoother transition in the profile).

Simple fix:


This is great. Probably could trim it a little more and still have something to squeeze but I think it serves the purpose of an idealized trigger.

The original intent of v001 was for the trigger to sit flush with the handle when fully depressed, which is how I picked that front profile. But v002 should be just as functional and maybe less goofy looking. :lol:


  • NERF_Scout_Trooper_Trigger_v002.obj
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Everyone's work looks great. I saw this gun at Target before Christmas but I passed at the time as I'm not much of a Scout Trooper fan but based on the work I've seen here I just ordered one from Walmart ($15).

If anyone does a cast resin or 3D parts kit please send me a PM so I don't miss out.

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I think the top surface can come down about 0.5mm. I also think the internal support platform can be trimmed a bit so that the sides fit together better.

Also, for filament printing quality purposes, It might be better if I could print the cylinder part separate with a connection point.

I also included photos of all the parts in place.


  • 4B41411C-44B5-4CFF-89C9-A5354E754658.jpeg
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Not sure if there was any plan for the rear of the scope, so I used this file I found on Thingiverse and modified as needed. I did a dual color print and coated with clear nail polish to give it a glass look.


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I actually have a left over target sticker I plan on using, I just need to find the right size glass.. or see if my circut can cut some thin transfer paper


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Addressed the notes on the tail piece.

  • Adjusted radius of the bottom edge
  • Pulled the inner support ridges back by 0.5 to 1mm
  • Narrowed overall width by 0.5%, for safety
  • Lowered top filler surface by 1mm (I added 1mm to the overall height of the plug to prevent looseness, then forgot to account for that in my measurements)
  • Created a separate 2-part version, attached


One-piece version is here:



  • NERF_Scout_Trooper_Plunger_Base_v002.obj
    5.4 MB · Views: 24
  • NERF_Scout_Trooper_Plunger_End_v002.obj
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