Nerf M-41A Pulse Rifle repaint


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Hi all,

Long time lurker, but I registered to thank all the people here with their Nerf Pulse Rifle repaint threads that have really helped me with mine. I didn't want to highjack their threads so here's my finished baby.
  • I used the Tamiya TS-90 JGSDF Brown lacquer as I couldn't get Brown Bess over here in Canada without paying for shipping from UK.
  • I also cheaped out and bought a $8 Amazon cotton webbed strap instead of getting a nylon webbed strap that's more accurate, but hey, there's already an extra barrel on the toy that I wasn't going to cut off so the inaccuracies was ok with me.
  • I wouldn't recommend the Rustoleum satin black spray I used as it took forever to dry and didn't bond with the Rustoleum grey primer as well as I had thought even waiting a week to dry - plus it was a dust magnet.
  • I also used Plastidip spray with is a rubberized spray that I applied to the hand-grip and pump - I masked it and sprayed 4-5 light coats to build up. It has a slightly cushiony feel now when I grip the toy.
  • I also cut thin styrene to fill in the lettered warnings after I sanded them down (to make sure it was absolutely flat) and the shotgun cartridge ejection slot and covered it in aluminum duct tape to get the real metal sheen (its a little bright though)
  • I had the idea of getting these 25mm erase refills on Amazon and cut them down and painted the ends to plug the screw holes on the other side - you can still see them, but its no longer such an eyesore.
  • I tried to be restrained with the weathering as all the screen caps have them in pretty good shape and from people in the military, I've been told you usually take care of your weapons. I rubbed some silver marker paint with an old t-shirt to get the worn edges on the black and it really made it look like worn metal underneath
  • Finally I found these 3" wide fold-able wall hangers that fits the top of the Pulse Rifle almost exactly - I added some felt (stuff to protect furniture from scraping wooden floors) and the fit was perfect and protected the paint finish!

I didn't go overboard with the weathering as all the screen caps have them in pretty good shape and from people in the military, I've been told you usually take care of your weapons.

I hope this post/thread helps some others as this great site has helped me! Thanks.



Really nice and subtle repaint. I kinda went over the top in the weathering department, but all my weapon builds and mods are like that 'dirty and used'.

Great idea for the screw holes, makes them accessible, I sealed mine.

You went to the trouble of pulling it apart, but I'm LAF, so I didn't do that, but yours looks good, great work....!!!(y)(y):cool:

Screenshot 2023-01-26 101738.jpg
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Hi. I have begun my Pulse Rifle Mod. Nerf logo and other writing is already sanded off. Today, I have taken the shroud apart to see inside. I am uncertain to proceed because of the cables that attach to the battery case. Seems fragile. Can the lower part of the shroud be taken off carefully and everything be put back together again after painting without any soldering / electronic skills?

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