Nerf Gun Shield Cannon - Original


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Ahoy there. I havn't posted in a long time, but I'm working on a new project, and I would very much appreciate some input and advice. I'm designing and building a nerf gun from scratch. It will be a motorized gun that hopefully will clock about 80-100 feet reliably. It will also be a shield that is strapped to your left arm, and the entire firing mechanism is done electronically to free up your right arm for something else. I've attached a PDF that summarizes most of the progress I've made up until a few days ago. I've been working on this for about 3 weeks now, mostly on the engineering work. I've attached pictures of a quick mock-up I built out of random stuff to give an idea of what I'm ultimately going for. The stuff on top are all volume holders for the internal components I'm expecting to use. I also have a video of us shooting it at about 70% power. We shot this at 2am after alot of tinkering, so professionalism was in short supply. The accuracy isn't very good, but once we fit a barrel of some kind, it should be alot better. 00375 - YouTube Right now my main focus on building the solenoid that will chamber the darts into the flywheel. The principals are similar to that of a coil gun, and I'm using capacitors from disposable cameras to give me the "kick" I want. But ya, thats kinda what I've got thus far. What do you think? And whats with the forum lumping all my text together?