Nerf Gun Props? YES!


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this is one of my favorite threads on any site on the internet, I came back expecting to see it abandoned after not lurking for about 2 years, and to my surprise there are recent post. Awesome work as always. I have a sizable collection of Nerf and other play guns I bought to try this with but family/kids ect blah blah, anyway finally getting some hobby time back and looking to finally complete some of these

Now I just need to find the awesome videos I had from the thread with the rust/salt technique, the fake wood painting one, and I think there was a good one for how to create good looking metallic paints..something from my own experience is a struggle


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IMG_9486 2.jpg


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Great paint job. I love the Longstrike. Would it be possible to see a picture taken from a little farther away in order to see all of it?

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