Nerf Blaster Repaint


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Had some fun the other night repainting a nerf gun. We keep a tub of some toys and art supplies at our home for our 5 year old grandson for when he comes to our house each week. He just loves running around the house with grandma and grandpa have shooting battles. The guns are a lot of fun and we just have a blast running around playing with him. But the guns are rather blah looking, so the other night I decided they needed to look more realistic and cool. So I took one of them and painted it up. Sprayed the whole gun black, then used nickel metal rub-n-buff paint on the main body. Left the handle black with just a bit of light gray highlighting and weather, and paint the barrel with rub-n-buff bronze, just to give a slightly different look. I also made a little red digital like charge readout or something, printed it on photo paper and glued to the sides. I really like how it turned out. Our grandson hasn't seen it yet, but he's gonna freak when he comes over next.


Excellent work. I saw a nerf gun custom about a year ago online and started occasionally checking thrift stores (excellent source for very cheap Nerf guns) and at this point I have about 8 ready to

I've never paid more than 6 dollars and I've amassed the huge electric "M60" that is belt fed (didn't have the tri-pod unfortunately), a Stormtrooper rifle, Poe Dameron's pistol, several pistols, and 3 of the Nerf Rival guns (shoot Nerf "ping pong balls" instead of darts).

You've just inspired me to get off my butt and paint one.

Again, great work.

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