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Any one here built a TIE/Interceptor with the metal armature yet? I took the armature to the machine shop locally, to get them to make an adapter that'd take the central mount point down to accept a Panavise.

The armature is not a standard threaded size - what thread is this thing supposed to be? 1/2 inch bolts just slide in and drop out!!!

The machine shop recommends I fix a mount from the bottom and be done, as the threads themselves are very rough and shallow.

Has any one actually used this armature?

If the thread is too wide you could try using a helicoil in it. You should be able to use a helicoil straight off or tap the hole and put the helicoil in place.

Even if you cannot get a helicoil to match the Panavise the helicoil insert will give you solid threads to fit an adaptor.

Hope this makes sense :)

Cheers Chris
Hey Jason,I believe they are 1/4" pipe thread.I used an oil fitting I had & it seems to fit well.

I can get a 1/4" black iron nipple at work tomorrow & give it a try to be sure.

Have you ask Steve to see what size he says it is?

I'm getting hopeful, Dave, thank you:

¼ steel pipe (13.72mm) - this sounds like it'd work.

I just wish we were told what to use/how to build - all I got was a box with parts. Going to guess my way through it.

The nice thing about the pipe - I can have the guys in the shop weld a female 1/4" threaded deelie to the inside of a bit of pipe and make a bridge to a Panavise! They can't weld to aluminum easily.
Yes that looks like 1/4" NPT. I think the original ones were like this too from what i have seen in pics. They probably just used long pipes screwed into the armature. Makes for an easy on and off solution.
I don't have a1/2" bolt to compare,but I think they would be different.

I'm confident the 1/4" pipe thread is right.The oil fitting I tried is brass & fit very well.I'll try the 1/4" black iron nipple(used for oil/natural gas) tomorrow & LYK.

Glad I can help,Dave
You guys are awesome. Gas pipe is readily available here, so it'll be a cinch. Looking forward to your confirmation!
I couldn't find anything to fit mine. Then whilst sitting in the shed with my head up my arse I knocked over a gidgee (for spear fishing) it was the type that comes apart in the middle. So I figured what the heck, unscrewed the two halves and F@$k me dead If I'm lying.... It fit! Still couldn't tell you the size and it would look better on a panavise so awaiting with baited breath....
Jason,grabbed a 1/4" nipple at work today & it fits great,nice & snug.Don't know if Home depot would carry them(worth a try),but any plumbing supply place will have them.

Hope this helps ya.

I had a problem with mine. Couldn't get 1/4 inch to fit. I had to use metric to find a match. Can't remember the exact measurements though. I'll look through my stuff.

Hmm.The 1/4 worked fine on mine.Jason maybe you should wait for the size Isel used just to be sure.

Did Steve ever give the size?

I just did the armature. I got the kit from Steve recently. only the last wing to be attached. i think its 1/4 in the center for panavise. the side screw holes on the wings were 2 different threadings on mine weird. but i didnt employ that method.
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