Nein Numb Dead at 67

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Nien Nunb in the cockpit that people remembers was a puppet, controlled by Mike Quinn. Richard Bonehill wore a Sollustan head and B-wing pilot gear in the Alliance assembly scene, and that was named Nien Nunb in a caption later on, but you could also debate that that would have been some other character.

Anyway, Richard Bonehill played about a dozen several background characters in both ESB and ROTJ where some of them got names. Stormtroopers in both movies, Snowtrooper, Human Rebel soldier, Human Rebel officer, Mon Calamari, Ree Yees on Jabba's sail barge, Mosep Binneed in Jabba's palace, X-wing fighter pilot and TIE fighter pilot.

I met him at a small convention in Sweden in 2011 where we talked a bit. He was more full of life then than I was right then. Great guy. Passed much too soon.
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