Needed: Good photos of Tie fighter model


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I'm going to be tackling my first studio scale tie fighter. I was hoping someone had some good hi res photos of finished ties so I can see how to paint this sucker.


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Here's some (not taken by me) of a ROTJ or maybe ESB TIE:
This is kind of a funny model, because it has Interceptor-style chin cannons. I don't know what the story is on that, but a photo of this model also appears in Star Wars Chronicles. Maybe it's cobbled up from spare parts.

I don't have any good color photos of an ANH TIE, but the color was more grey. I believe the standard TIE was the same color as Vader's ship, which has appeared on tour. I'm going to use Neutral Grey on my studio scale model.


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Those are some good pictures. Want to make a note that TIE in the pictures has all the ear marks of a Interceptor body and paint details. It looks like to me they may have used a TIE Interceptor hull and put standard wings on it.

Some of the differences are first the main guns on the forward hull. They are not on stalks like a standard TIE and they are attached directly to the hull. They are also missing the orange LED tip. This is common on all Interceptors. I have never seen a Standard TIE with this main gun configuration.

The next is the painted black cockpit frame. This was only seen on TIE Interceptors in ROTJ. The Standard TIE has the dark grey color on the cockpit frame.

Another difference are the two dark grey painted details that surround the cockpit frame. These are located at the 1 & 2 O clock positions. These markings are also only found on Interceptors. TIE Standards have the grey markings at the 3 and 9 O Clock positions.

These differences are minuscule, but when you look at these things as long as I have they are glaring differences. There was an ESB TIE on display at the MOM and Celebration I. I can send you some pics of that when I send out the DS base to you.