Need to make my trooper armor bigger

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I have a set of FX stormtrooper armor. I'm 5'7" (a little short for a stormtrooper) but I did not trim it down any (even though I should).

I just acquired a manniquin. I got a 6' tall all black design. I figure 6' was a decent height for a trooper. Anyhow, the problem I have run into is that the the calfs on the manniquin are too big.

So I need help making this work. What are my best options?

Should I add some shims to make the pieces bigger? If so, what do I use or where do I get the material?


Should I look into getting al new calf pieces?


Any other ideas?


Personally, i'd modify the maniquin first... you can always resell the armor at some point, but not if it's modified too much. The maniquin seems the more replacable element here.


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Yeah i'd agree there. Seems much easier to shave down the mannequin's calves than it would be to alter the armor anyway.

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For those who posted, thank you for your input.

I found a easy $0.99 solution. My leg armor is velcroed together so I bought a large piece of white craft foam and cut out shims for the back of the legs and added velcro to them .

Easy peasy.

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Late to the question, since you solved it, but I was going to advise the same...modifying the mannequin. The mannequin I have my Sandy armor on has bent arms that were nearly impossible to get my forearm pieces around since I glued them. I had to take a belt sander to the mannequin to get enough material off to make it flexible enough to bend the arm and the armor piece to get around.

Be sure and post pics!