Need tips for wrapping a sword handle.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Art Andrews, May 22, 2012.

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    I am working on my Storm Shadow Swords from United Cutlery. I hate the wraps on these swords as they utilize a cheap, flat, and ugly faux-lather lace. I was able to obtain a couple of spools of the correct leather lace used in the film (55006-04 Tejas Florentine Lace 3/16" - White) and am rewrapping the handles. The issue I am running into is making a consistent diamond shape on the handles with the lace. Is there some type of secret to this or is it simply patience, time and practice? If anyone had any tips or if there is some type of tool to help make these more consistent, I could really use the help!

    The handle on the left is the correct lace. The handle on the right is the UC lace.

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    Im having PC problems at the moment Art and unable to view youtube, but there are loads of Videos on there that may help you about working with leather, id be very suprised if there was not a leather wrapping video, worth a shot.
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    The wrap is overlapping in that pic.
    The wrap on real swords is not just overlapped. It is twisted. The twist will allow you to grip the sword without it slipping free which would have been fatal for them.
    Tsuka-Maki. Basic ito wrapping tutorial. - YouTube
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    Yes, true Nihonto, it's a twist in the wrap, not overlap.
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    I had trouble wrapping my first tsuka even after having read everything I could find including the links I see in this thread. In the end I found this page Katana-Project that details every step of making a katana from scratch. Click on the tsukamake section and there is a link to a template you can print out on cardboard that acts as a guide to keep your wrapping consistent. Much easier than using traditional hishi-gami and doesn't effect the end result.

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    Historically accurate wraps aside, if you're trying to get it to look just like the handle on the left side of the pic you posted, it looks like there isn't any complexity in the wrap, it's just about technique. If I were doing it, I'd try to hold the sword steady or even have it clamped to a work bench, then wrap both sides of the lace one in each hand at the same time, pulling with even pressure. It'll probably take a good amount of practice, but you can always unwrap and start over until you get it. As an easy way out, you could also glue the lace down inch by inch as you go. It would take a long time, but that way you could permanently lock it in place.
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    After multiple rewraps, I finally have a wrap that I think matches the screen used look very closely.

    I also repainted the rayskin slabs under the wrap. UC left them an off-white color, but in looking at the screen used swords, the ray skin is clearly white. I actually like the way UC has it better as there is some contrast, but when you are trying to match what is on screen...

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