Need some guidence .


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Working on a light saber and want to make it go from two one handers to a pole arm. i cant seem to find a quick disconnect that will work for it . im not really looking for anything that has to be screwed together , more on the lines of a coupler.
You could use a quick disconnect for water lines... something like...
Or there are cheaper options at the hardware store for garden hoses.
They'd be a durable connection, but they allow swiveling, and they have a degree of slop in them... but they might work for what you want, if you can get past the cosmetics.
Best of luck.

Forge, that last one is a thread I made for some saber-staff coupler designs that I came up with but I suppose it could work for Daredevil billy clubs. *shrugs* I'm not big on that character so I really don't know how his weapons work. Only saw the Ben Affleck movie once which was one time too many, lol.
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