Need recommendations for creating custom rubber watch band


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I'm looking to recreate a watch from a movie that has a very specific watch band that is made out of rubber. My initial thought was to 3D print the band in flexible filament since the watch body will be 3D printed too, but this won't give me a very good quality since it is hard to sand flexible filament.

My next idea was to print the detail parts in normal PLA and glue them to the top of a foam material, but the finishes don't match, and it's hard to get proper placement of all the detail parts.

My next thought is that I should print the whole band in PLA, sand it down, and make a mold of the band and pour some kind of rubber/silicone for the casting. I'm worried that this mold making will be expensive, and I'm not sure what materials to use for the mold or casting.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for creating a part like this?


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Make your master as a flat surface. Then make a mold of it in silicone. Then use urethane rubber to cast the part. I would contact Smooth On and tell them your project requirements and they should be able to recommend the right kind of urethane rubber to use. When I did my Riddick goggles I told them what my requirements were; that the rubber had to be strong enough to hold plastic lenses but still be flexible enough to conform to a face.

As far as expense, it will cost a bit, but not too much.


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Fort this kind of piece the cheapest solution i have tried, is to print an original piece on ABS (with 3D printer) and use plastilin to make a mold and domestic silicon (for bathroom) to create the final piece.

The only problem with domestic silicon is the time needed to have a usable piece (time for dry because no dry accelerator).

Anyway it's the cheapest and best way for me (if you have money a better way it's to use two parts silicon).

In this case the mold is not expensive. Mold your piece at ambiant temperature and after, put it (the mold) on frige (on the coldest place) and you have (15 minutes after) an hard mold. Try it :)