Need oppinions on how to paint my Blade Runner Blaster


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I am about to start a Blade Runner Blaster build 15 years in the waiting. I was able to acquire a kit from Richard Coyle of RACPROPS. So many thanks there. Now I am debating on how to paint it. In my mind there are two Variants:

All Black:
This is how the prop was assumed to look up until the actual prop turned up for auction. It seems to me this is how the actual prop department intended the prop to appear in the mind’s eye. Any variance in the actual prop, were likely to make it film more like they intended it to look. This variant would be easier to paint and is in many ways how I always viewed the gun.

The biggest differences are the metal toned Styer Receiver and Barrel vs. all black. I don’t agree with the more white metal look I often see. The picture I have below is of the actual prop and you can see it's still heavily Blued. The pros of this variant, are that it's identical to the actual prop and it looks more like a gun and less like a toy sci-fi gun.

I am looking to be swayed here, so oppinions are wanted.
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There are solid black blasters in the film. They are the "police" or patrolmen's blasters. It's assumed by some that the street cops in uniform are issued bare bones no frills all black guns, and the replicant detectives are issued custom, or deluxe models with amber grips and polished finishes.

Personally, I like them both, and I like everything in between, including all stainless steel models. But, if I had only one model, it would be the replicant detectives model, as first issued. Nice polished deep bluing with amber grips.
I used a combination of metallic semi gloss black auto paint, flat black, standard semi gloss black and a combination of gloss and matt clear coats on my all metal sidkit.
Both versions looking amazing, personally I prefer the all black version, not sure why but it just looks more "realistic" to me.
I've used both gloss and flats to achieve different looks. The best example I have is the pic below. Not a BR-DS but you get the point.


Top was painted with Rustoleum Gloss Black and then weathered with a Scotchbrite pad. Bottom was painted with Rustoleum Stove Black Flat and then weathered with a Scotchbrite pad. You see that the gloss still gives the weapon some shine. On the other hand, the stove black gives it a military/parkerized finish.

IMO, weapons that are used on a daily basis, as the BR-DS would be, should show weathering. They get carried around all the time, in holsters, rubbed by clothing and what not. Nice and shiny new finishes are cool but just don't look realistic to me.

The WorldCon version is the way to go...

P.S. A member here "KramStaar" has the best build of the realistic WorldCon BR that I've ever seen. You can see his build here:
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