Need new rotary tool

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by propmainiac, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. propmainiac

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    Hey guys

    Running my rotary tool alot lately its a black and decker rtx with three speeds. Well this weekend it decided all it wanted to do was run on high speed no matter what speed i turned it to. Anyone have suggestions for a good rotary tool?
  2. Maelstrom

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    I got a Dremel 4000 when my last Dremel crapped out (after 10+yrs of fairly heavy use).

    I like it pretty well, but if you get this one make sure to get the trigger attachment for it or the kit that includes it.

    Shown in this pic...


    This model is pretty unwieldy without the trigger attachment. By far the largest Dremel I have ever owned and I think it is the most powerful Hand held rotary they produce.
  3. Ozymandius

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    I switched over to Proxon last year and now never even touch the Dremel. Much smaller body and finer control over speed. Also hugely more accurate since it doesn't vibrate nearly as badly. You can find them on Amazon.
  4. Felgacarb

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    When my old (old, old...) Dremel died a few months ago I replaced it with a Proxxon (this one: Proxxon 38472 FBS 115/E Precision Rotary Tool) Much, much nicer. And a lot quieter, too!
  5. Ozymandius

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    Oh yeah, I almost completely forgot about the lack of high pitch noise while I work. Way easier on the ears.
  6. KMosher

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    My dremel died yesterday. This Proxon looks perfect...can I use my dremel bits with it? Do the collets match?
  7. Ozymandius

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    I don't know about all of the Proxon models, but mine has a keyless chuck. And yes, I can use all my old dremel bits with it.
  8. ralphee

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    Proxxon, Dremel are cheap junk in comparison, Proxxon run true and smooth!
    I bought the flexi shaft for mine, tiny handle and perfect for finer work, the keyless chuck fits it too!

  9. Weaselhammer

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    I glad this question was asked, I need a new one too and was about to get another Dremel one, but after the recommendations for Proxxon, I may get that instead.

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