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Want to Buy Need Large tentacle asap last min entry to a film competion

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by C4Darkmane, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. C4Darkmane

    C4Darkmane New Member

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    Hi folks ive just over a month to produce a 2-4min film for a competion its something ive been working on for a while and wasnt planning to film till October, but the chance to enter it into a film comp has motivated me to get move on. Unfortunately the guy i had hoped to use is very busy and cant meet the deadline.

    So if anyone in the South of the UK could help me produce a tentacle aprox 2meters long. please PM me with any questions and hopefully we can agree on a price. the longest i could wait would be 3weeks, but sooner the better.

    the tentacle itself needs to fixed to a toilet, and be demonic/ The Thing styled with small tendrils and then a piece that would errupt on the other side of its impaled victim with tendrils flayed out around the exit area.

    Hope someone can help
  2. Moviefreak

    Moviefreak Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You should post this on the RPF Facebook page too as you will get a lot more traffic viewing it ;)

    Good luck :thumbsup
    C4Darkmane likes this.
  3. C4Darkmane

    C4Darkmane New Member

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    i dont seem to be able to post to the page, only comment under a RPF post, big ooops ive posted on there aswell now, thanks

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