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Hi everyone. So last night my girl bumped the stand where my new hot toys p1 figure was. He fell and snapped his left foot off at the ball joint. I was wondering if there was any way to fix this besides glue? Was wondering since there are a lot moders on here if they had any tips. Or if you think hot toys can send me a new joint or foot? Or am i just S.O.L. and have to glue it.... it hurt so bad to see him broken, like getting kicked in the nuts:(


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I would take a small nail (about 1/4 of inch long) or something along that line...
Heat it up and stick it to the foot first and take it out, then repeat the process for the ankle thay way it can still have mobility...
Then when both pieces are perforated then dip the nail in whatever type of glue stick it in the ankle piece first and as it dries move the ankle.
Then repeat that again for the foot!!
This is what i have done for figures in the past.

Hope this helps you



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Thanks for the help. I knew someone on here would understand what im going threw. My lady was like cant you just get a new one at the store?!?! What do i heat it with? Any other tips out there?


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Thanks for the info guys going to order some foot joints on ebay. Need one more bit of advice. How to remove the broken joint in his leg with out damaging him more? Here are some pics of the situation. Any advice is appreciated




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Looking at this pic from Ebay, It looks like you should be able to pop the ball and peg out foot by pulling on it. As far as the leg part goes, I would try screwing a tiny eye lit screw in the the center of the the peg piece that's broken off into the leg. That way you have something to get a grip onto while you try and pull it out with out damaging the leg. In a worst case situation and you can't pull out the broken peg, you might have to get a drill bit the SAME size as the hole and bore out the broken peg.

Note: I don't have a HT Pred ..Yet ...So I have never tried it..but by looking at the pictures it seems like that's the best route to explore..

Here's a pic I found of what the feet and joints look like unassembled. The tips of the pegs have those catches so It's going to take some muscle but not too much.

Hope this helps.



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My Hot Toys P1 also suffered a similar fate, except his leg broke at the knee, because of my buffoon of a girlfriend so I deflated her.

lol just kidding, I don't have a Hot Toys P1.

...I think I used this one already.