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I wanted to make a set of jedi pouches for myself and have some ideas rolling around about how. But my no 1 plan requires something that i don't even know whether or not it exists. So I was wondering if anybody knows of any kind of clay or any other easy to sculpt product that when all is said and done keeps its shape permanently and is like a rubber feel to it instead of solid.
I would recomend using any oil clay ( I like the type that does not dry, allowing me to use the same clay over and over )to make the positive of the jedi pouches. Coat the positives with vasaline and then paint on layers of laytex rubber that you can buy at Micheals. After the first layer dried i cut up thin strips of t shirt and painted the pieces in with the second layer. Allow to dry and add at least 2 more layers of just the laytex rubber. Once everything is dry I then carefully pulled the latex rubber off of the clay and had a good positive that is slightly larger than the original. I would then cut out a piece of seat cussion faum an glue it into the back of the pouch for support. I usualy use velcro to attach the pouches to the belt.
A positive is the opposite of a mold. Let's say you have an apple and make a mold of it. Staring into the mold, that hole with the NEGATIVE apple shape, is an impression. The Apple itself would be the positive, or the thing covered by the mold.

When MM was discussing positives, he meant the clay you are putting the latex on.
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