Need help with Vader belt box electronic


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Is there someone here who can help put together the electronics for my Vader belt boxes? I have all the lights and stuff but no idea how to connect them to a power source, or how to build a circuit board to regulate the power.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks fr the response. I'm trying to locate my lights(had them stored away in some boxes and is having a hard time locating them LOL) and will get back to those I've talked with as soon as I have some pics of them.



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I looked at some pics that you had somewhere (can't remember if you sent them to me or if they were in another thread) but what I saw I'm pretty sure are actual light bulbs. That's going to mean a (slightly) easier wiring job as opposed to LEDs (not that either are terribly difficult) but that you'll have to have bigger batteries to run the lights for the same period of time as compared to LEDs.



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Ok finally managed to dig up the lights...

Here's where I'm at:

The green light is not an issue as I can easily place an LED in there.

My main issue is how to light the red light, which is DC12V. Since this is the 'accurate' red light, how does everyone else light it? Drill out the existing bulb and insert an LED? I have no problem doing that if I can be sure the existing bulb can be removed without damaging the housing.

Please help, I really want to get this costume finished! :cry


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I know you can power the 12 volt bulb with 8 watch batteries. It's a pretty small battery pack.
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