Need help with Netflix Daredevil suit!


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Howdy! I'm a supreme newbie to this, so please bare with me! :wacko

I am a major fan of Daredevil, have bee ever since I first saw him in the 90's Spidey cartoon when I was but wee young'un. First comic I ever bought with my own money was actually an issue of Bendis' legendary run on the character. So naturally I was absolutely thrilled when I heard DD was getting his own show especially after the enjoyable yet incredibly flawed 2003 film (I personally enjoy it despite it's many, many problems). I must say the Netflix series is magnificent. I marathoned the whole thing the second it came out and when the red suit finally came on screen, not gonna lie, I wept. I would love to celebrate this show and assemble a Daredevil suit on my own. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about costume making, and there are hardly any clear or well-lit shots of the whole suit. So, if any of you lovely people could help point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks for reading :)
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