Need help with Ironman Mk42 pepakura helmet


I have finished my first attempt on a pepakura helmet, only to notice that the designe has some faults. But it turned out pretty ok, just the faceplate that needs some fixing.. So do anyone have some tips or hints on what I can cut, glue on, move a.s.o. to fix it? Does not need to look 100% like the Mk42, just more like the standard Ironman faceplate, with the eyebrow and bended "nose" thing.... :)

WP_20150301_11_28_48_Pro.jpg WP_20150227_17_19_25_Pro.jpg


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It looks like there are quite a few flaws in that design and unfold. You would be better off to do another helmet with a more accurate design and unfold. You will get much better results than tying to keep modifying an existing pep. Good Luck.
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