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Hey guys, I want to build or buy a Reverse Flash costume. I don't exactly know what to do here.. TheRocketeer has stopped making the cowls, so is there anyone that is producing them? Where would I go for the jacket? it's oddly specific, as in there is no pockets on it, and the neck is unique. The pants are another hurdle, as that they have bending at the knees. Any help is much appreciated. I found emblems that are still available so that isn't an issue. I know Crazydog500 made a exact version of it but he isn't selling the jacket. His version is exactly what i want. Pictures included for reference.

Thanks in advance!
RV2.jpg RF1.jpg RF3.jpeg


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The clothes aren't something you are going to find off the shelf anywhere. They were custom made for the show, so you'll need custom yourself, either done on your own or commissioned from someone else.


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stormtrooperguy is right. It's possible the show's costume designers/builders purchased an existing jacket and pants to start with, but they have been so heavily modified that it would be nigh impossible to source them. The embossing on the chest and abdomen, the flex folds in the pants, the shoulder additions, the custom neck line... If you want a screen accurate costume, unfortunately you are stuck building this thing mostly from scratch, or commissioning someone to do it for you.

It is possible that we may see a basic version of this costume show up on cosplay websites some time this year, such as the Arrow costume that many Arrow cosplayers have purchased for their base. However, my bet is that we'd see the Flash version first, so if the Reverse Flash gets made it will probably be a while from now.


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