Need help with attaching foam to helmet


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So I'm new to this. Got an ODST helmet off etsy. Unfinished. Came with some foam pieces that I think they mean for the inner padding, What would be the best way to attach it to the helmet? Tried hot glue, didn't go well. Maybe just basic bitch super glue or gorilla glue? Trying the gorilla glue right now but not certain it will work so looking for backup plan.


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Could try contact cement. I use evo-stik impact adhesive for 99% of foam glueing, it's a bit smelly but really strong and flexible. Most art shops and some hardware places have cans.

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High bond double stick tape.

I've used this stuff to hold props and costumes together for almost 30 years.
You can get 3M stuff that is way stronger.


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Place helmet on head. Tap out where helmet contacts your head, echo-ey part is *NOT* where you want padding. Sharp sound is where you want paddding. Mark contact points on helmet with something erasable on outside of helmet like a Sharpie.use Sharpie marks as reference points.

That padding looks SUPER THICK, try thinner padding for trial run. Rough up area where you are going to attach padding. Id buy some 1/4 inch foam.

Velcro sounds good,, it usually comes with peel off sticky sides. I would only use spray if you cover areas you don't want to be sticky -- last thing you wanna do after wearing a helmet all day, is tear out your hair removing your helmet.

You can also use quilted pot holders/heat pads if you are feeling lazy.

...or you could make a copy of your head by putting a thin sheet of aluminum foil, on your head, then apply some Free Forn Air on TOP of the foil. Put the helmet on CAREFULLY. Wear the helmet, FreeForm Air, foil for 1 1/2 hrs. You will feel the FreeForm Air heat up. Now you wont need padding as the helmet will fit your head PERFECTLY.


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Barge cement
I am going to amend mine to agree with swgeek if you want to attach the pad permanently and dirctly . I personally like a little adjustability after the fact so I have used the barge and velcro method.

There are also tons of good cheap airsoft padding options that use velcro and give lots of options for adjustability, pad placement and thickness.
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