Need help with a custom quick Jedi costume

Lucien Kane

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Been contemplating what to use my Jedi Starfighter ace patch that I got in my The Jedi Path book. So I pulled out my old flight suit tonight and started randomly assembling things.

Here's the patch

Here's the rest of it.


Okay so I know what some of you may be thinking... It's missing something, and it looks kind of ghostbuster-ish. So does anyone have any suggestions for something I can do to Star Wars it up so to speak?


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Love the belt! Looks familar, where is it from?

Id say some armor parts for a clone war feel or the regular brown cape/cloth. The one thing killing it... A lot of pocket. But hey, turn that around and put some props (breather, food sticks, comm, etc).

Lucien Kane

Well-Known Member
the belt is an apprentice belt from parksabers. Hmm I may try that out, I'm looking into maybe something Old Republic-esque lol

Lucien Kane

Well-Known Member
I may try out a few of these options when I get the chance. I was also thinking about doing a subtly reinforced look... basically like armor under the flightsuit so it gives it shape, but still retains a flight suit feel maybe.


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Some clone wars gauntlets similar to obi wans would help.

Maybe some sort of chest box similar to an x-wing pilots chest box. This would help connect the jedi with the rebellion.


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I've been thinking about doing the same thing. First I'd go with some taller boots. The combat boots are adding the ghostbusters look. Second maybe do a gunbelt like Luke bespin or han solo. Maybe do a brown tunic like Luke in rotj.
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