NEED HELP: Starcraft 2: Terran Marine Suit Lifesize Papercraft PDO FILE.


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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a life size, full PDO file of the Terran Marine suit from Starcraft 2. I want to build the entire costume but I'm having no luck anywhere.
I've seen a few files floating around with bits and pieces but they don't have everything. If someone could PLEASE help me and post the full suit,
I would be grateful and would make it worth your while.

Message me on the thread or personal message me, either or. Thank you! :)


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Hi PB,
I'm new here but it appears we're in the same boat. I too am beginning work on a Marine suit and haven'd had much luck on the PEP side of things. I've gone thru just about every channel one can to obtain information and plans for this thing and i always come up at a dead end. I do industrial design for a living and have used SolidWorks for about 5 years now, so i decided to just model up the entire suit in pieces that could be broken down into wearable sections. I'm still gearing things up to start a thread here on my build up, but if this sounds like something you'd be interested in let me know and we may be able to help each other!
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Hiya fellas. I have most of the files for the marine. I have the originals that were floating around the internets. For my build, I remodeled everything to make them more suitable (ha pun) for foam construction. Some of the pieces I simplified because I was just using the foam as a base and put expanding foam on top of to sculpt the rest of the shape. Specifically the torso. I also made some custom feet because the original didn't have any. Didn't do the hands in 3D either. Scratch built those as well as the COD, spinal column, butt plate, and gauss rifle so no pep's for them.


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Thanks sir! I just checked out your build of the suit (phenomenal work btw) and that's about how i'm envisioning building my own. Thanks for the tips! Quick question what did you use for the nubs on the boots? (little round pink protrusions)
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