Need help sewing gloves on a sleeve (pic included)

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    I wasnt sure if I should post this in Marvel section, but I felt that this is more of a general sewing question as this pattern is common with Marvel and DC suit patterns that I plan on doing. But this is for my current Spider-man build and Im pretty confused with the arms/gloves. So I have a little sewing experience and have already sewn the whole suit except the sleeves. Could someone please help explain how to sew this.

    I have color coordinated what I think it should line up. But the question marks are where i get confused.

    First, the purple with black dot. do I sew at the black dot or line without the dot? same with the right side by the thumb
    What really confuses me is the bottom of the palm... the sleeve width has 8 lines while the palm has 6 so Im guessing I start on line 2 and end on line 7. but where do I sew it without sealing it shut?

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    I'd guess that the black webbing simply doesn't line up on the palm and it goes in the squared off area. Like this:
    Seems the most logical sewing-wise.
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    Ok that makes sense! Ill try find pics of completed hand to see how the webs line up or not.

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