Need help modifying my Nightwing mask (pics)


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So I bought as mask from TigerStoneFX while back and just recently trying it on and I noticed that it doesnt fit my face as well as I would like with all kinds of different methods with the help from Tanja from TigerStoneFX. They were so helpful, kind and fast with the response. We may have narrowed it down to my face being at fault. Wouldnt be the first time my face was at fault for something. hahaha But my nose is possibly too small and not as tall. This mask is way too nice to not use, so I want to try to modify it to fit my face.
Before I cut anything, I want to know how you guys would tackle this?

Btw as Tanja and I talked about, they never had this problem before, so don't let this thread detour you from buying their products, because they are second to none and I'm already planning on buying a few more regardless of this very tiny problem. Highly recommended.

As you can see that it sticks out at the nose and isnt flush. I have already tried to glue it down starting at the center. But since my nose is flat, the mask presses against the inner corner of my eyes causing them to close. I have tried to stretch it in different angles and ways to prevent discomfort, but just wouldnt be enough. the way im wearing it in these photos are the only way where it doesnt hit the inner corner of my eyes, but in return, the nose doesnt lie flush with my nose.

So I was thinking of making a valley cut in the back (if you are familiar with EVA foam building) and bending the nose part down and adding glue to the valley cut.
What do you guys think though? any other ideas?



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Looks awesome on you bro, you actually remind me of the anime night wing with the long hair and all.

Ok I work with eva foam and yes if urethane has any of the same properties as eva foam the cut with a little heat applied should do the trick and form better to your face.if you were to try it, I'd suggest a hair dryer on low setting depending on the thickness it was cast.