Need help identifying/remembering an old book or movie?


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So you've always had this memory of old book, tv show, movie, song, etc. but you can't quite remember what it is and would really like to know. Here is a thread for that. I'll start:

I'm trying to remember an old book from my childhood. It had some really interesting artwork featuring soldiers that look liked anthropomorphized pigs or hippos. They seemed to be fighting another faction of pig/hippo soldiers. There was a panel showing several of them trying to turn a large drill bit, like they were trying to reach an enemy underground or something.

The really unique thing was that they flew/fought in helicopters that looked like cartoon cat heads. The cat heads expressions always changed depending the situation. There is one image where a cat head helicopter has look of shock/astonishment with its mouth gaping open and the soldiers/pilots visible inside, maybe prior to a crash. At one point there is a boneyard full of busted out helicopters and that cats have their tongues sticking out and look sick or dead.

I don't know what the story was but the artwork has never left me. Just really neat. Google only turns up a story about an artist who turned his dead cat's body into a quadrocopter (yes really).

Sound familiar to anyone? Got a movie, book, etc. you can't quite remember? Post it here.
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Trouble for Trumpets, perhaps?


I loved the book as a kid!

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