Need help identifying cap on Self Sealing Stem Bolt


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Apologies if it's rude of me to post a unique thread first thing. I've been trying to identify the end cap of a self sealing stem bolt, from Star Trek DS9. Renovations on the house calls for some and I'll probably need around 100 gross but I just can't figure it out. I've searched off and on for this part for a long while, looked at pages after pages of valve plungers, piston suits, flat end caps, threads, etc. Assuming the red light on the body of the stem bolt is a flat 5mm LED, I'd size the pipe at 1/2" or possibly 9/16", which would make the diameter of the end piece around 14 - 15mm by my estimations.
Now, I don't have any experience in props so I could be dead wrong here, but I've been working under the assumption that this would most likely be a found part, since I read on an auction site that the body is made out of cardboard so it would strike me as odd to turn a small detail like this. And it looks to me like it's missing an o-ring, so that's what has had me chasing various plungers and the likes.
Shaka, when the walls fell, I just can't seem figure it out on my own. So I'm turning to you guys, has anyone got a clue as to what this piece is?

I'm very grateful for any insight and thankful for the time you've spent reading this.