need help finding chew style can

Wes R

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You used to be able to find beef jerky in chew/dip style cans but the locals stores don't carry it anymore. Anyone know of any candy that comes in this style of can? I don't know anyone who chews or i'd just grab one of their empties.
I just threw one of these out because a patient left it on my table I had considered keeping it but the smell of that stuff is pretty strong. Lol I am positive though that they still sell the jerky chew in my area
Altoids sours come in round tins that look like chewing tobacco tins. I don't know how easy it is to find them anymore, but Altoids still makes them.
I'll look for the altoids. Might be worth a 1 am trip to circle K or the local gas station. Only times they're not busy this time of year. I only found that jerky online and i don't need 17.00 worth lol.
I actually want to make the BB container from the fallout games. They're pretty much just round chew style cans. That and i figured i could use it to hold bottle caps and pull tabs and other post apocalyptic goodies.
FWIW - they also make surfboard wax containers, and DeWalt has a screwdriver bit set that comes in plastic cans like that.

You can also try the makeup aisle at the drug store... I've seen hand cream in those types of things before.
I never thought of some of them. I should actually just buy a rack of the jerky since i can use these things for a ton of stuff around the house storage wise. plus you can never have too much beef jerky.
I actually just looked at the wiki for a picture and it's a metal tin. I'll have to get a measurement and find one online, our craft shop doesn't carry much like that sadly.
Here's a can that holds screws and such, probly at Home Depot Lowe's etc.




DEWALT DW2155 30 Piece Impact Ready Chew Can Screwdriving Bit Set
I actually found a set of 5 on ebay but I'm going to raid the attic cause heaven knows my grandma loved metal containers so we may have some.
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