Need help finding a fabric


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I am having no luck finding this fabric, i found a tiny swatch and they had no more saying it was part of a remanats batch. I am either searching wrong or looking for the wrong type of fabric, been hunting throgh brocades, but I must have this with that filigree pattern for my next doublet.

The green at the center is pretty correct, i couldn't get iphone to take a good picture because it had a slight shimmer to it.
Any help from the fabric guru's would be very very appreciated! :love



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Have your checked home decorator stores with a fabric section. I doubt they will have it in stock, but you can check through their books and special order it.



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Firstly- what store did you buy it from??
Did you by any chance get the sku or item number from the fabric ppl?/ I know some of them- especially the ones that don't sew or costume don't give a crap- when you get lucky and find one who does they usually understand that need to find a fabric.

second- any idea what the fabric content is??
Is it embroidered or printed??
The little gem looking things at the center of the swirls- embroidered? appliques? or little jewels??

sorry for all the questions but it will help in the search


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It looks woven but really without more info on where you got it it's not going to be likely that you'll get a match: was the store a furnishngs or dress fabric store. That looks like furnishing fabric though. Was it a store that dealt with end of line fabrics or is it a chain retail store?

Are you looking for the exact fabric or a close match (ie an open foliate design that is not symetrical but does repeat).


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yeah thats my big problem, it appears to be a embroydered fabric, gold thread on a cotton brocade type green colored fabric.

It was at Hancocks, but the problem is it was literally in a remnants pile, and they said that they just get the remnants in that spot in a box as sale pieces, they said it wasn't something they carry and that it was blind luck on waht comes as remnants.

I been dredging the net for fabric in brocades, and Jauqards that might be at least similar and not having a lot of luck, at this point I doubt I am going to find it, but anything similar or a close match with a nice looking filigree pattern like that would be awesome.

With the limited info they gave me and that I have been able to share I was mostly rolling the dice that it may have been something one of the folks who deals with a lot of fabric might have come across.

Sooooo a close match or something similar that anyone could reccomend would be very welcome, becasue all I have here to hit is Hancocks and Joannes, and that is pretty random at best.

Thanks all!



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Auryn, all embroydered, I should ahve taken a picture of the back as well, sorry. It looks totally machine embroydered, and wast with a gold shimeerish thread. No Sku, and was a small piece, only about 12" square.


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Sounds to me like they bought a bunch of remnants from the end of a mill run. If that's the case, there IS no more for you to buy. Maybe try a fabric printing service?


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bump to top, any close matches will work as well.

Thanks all!

I'll keep an eye out for the fabric when making "the rounds".

But per any close matches, what is it you'd like to match....
the design
that it is embroidered
the colors
fiber content
.......which elements are important to you?

I just happened to notice a tablecloth in this week's ad from JoAnns, it has a similar graphic pattern but is a little bit less elobarte. Not sure if the pattern is printed or woven in, and it's all gold, and can't be sure how the scale matches your sample......but steps could be taken : )

Jo-Ann Stores Weekly Ads | ShopLocal


I'm pretty sure your original remnant is a home decorating fabric, so if you have any drapery or upholstery shops in your area, they might be a good place to check. Also, as with the tablecloth above, don't forget to check the drapes and table coverings at stores, especially at discounters like Marshalls, Tuesday Mornings, Home Goods. You can often find very exquisite fabrics that are just perfect for doublets, waistcoats, and such, and for less than you'd pay off the bolt.

Here's hoping someone spots something!!



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That Jo-Ann fabric is made of plastic, it's not something you'd want to wear (or have anywhere in your house if you're me).


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Well, I didn't see the table covers in person, just in the online ad and it says fabric and vinyl, so it could have been either. Not that it matters, the graphic is most probably too big in scale compared to his original piece. The link and the pic were mainly demonstrative---to point to other sources and resources than just fabrics off the bolt. Vinyls and plastics have their place, even for wearing--depending on your costume.



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It's going to be a 1620 doublet, with slashed sleeves and front and rear panes, I'll just have to troll around for it.

I appreciate you all looking into this, I know it was a long shot, but I have seen some awesome finds from tiny bits of knowledge here, thanks everyone! If any of you see a similiar green with a nice filigree emborydered into it shoot me a note.


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I've kept my eye out on my latest trips to the fabric stores.
Realistically, your best bet of finding something similar would be a home decorating/upholstery store that caters to interior designers and the like.

Being with how intricate the fabric is, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for anything similar.


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Awesome, will check in with eveningarwen, and thanks for watching Auryn, I been doing the same, if it turns up cool, if not I guess it wasn't meant to be! :p
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