NEED HELP. 3D Model - Fallout 4 Power Armor T-60


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Hey! I'm wondering if anyone is interested in making a 3D model of Fallout 4 power armor T-60! I would like to build this armor before the game comes out. :)
There are currently only few pictures of it. I'm planning on making it in fiberglass. Let me know if anyone is interested in future collaboration. Thank you!!! I'm very excited about this!

FoT 4 Power Armor T-60.png


  • Fo4_T-60_power_armor_E3.png
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Here are some good references from the E3 conference.

Here is a perfect reference picture that was apparently leaked.

Here's the T-60 in the workshop.

Here's a gifv of the power armour being put on.

I too plan to work on the T-60 as well, I'd be happy for us to share progress and tips with eachother, I'm relatively new to all of this, but I have some experience. My first tip would be that you should only do the helmet in fibreglass, this suit is BIG. The more overlapping fibreglass more harder it'll be to move, and that weight will start to pile up.

I would go EVA foam for most of the body, it will be lighter and slightly flexible, granting you a bit more freedom and less chance of poking out an eye with your shoulderpiece. You could still use fibreglass for most of the exterior plates. Foam helmets are a nightmare usually, so I'd recommend FG for that My plan is to take an old BMX helmet and add layers and details from 2mm greyboard*. I'm not a fan of fibreglass you see.

* Greyboard is a lot of paper that's been compressed into 1-2mm thickness, it behaves like wood, is strong, has a slight flex to it and can be sanded. I love the stuff and use it for most of my solid props.


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I too look forward to building the power armor. I would eventually like to do it out of foam, so if anyone is considering making pep files or what not for it, I'd love to see that happen :)
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