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I have multiple SW helmets but only a few helmet stands. I’ve looked around online and what I had found previously were okay stands for about $25 each and good stands for $50-$75 and up each.

In the past I had made my own stands using info from the RPF of modifying vertical paper towel holders into helmet stands. The Pros were they are usually cheap, about $10 each, but the Cons were: finding the same paper towel holder months/years later when I wanted a matching stand, needing foam and duct tape to make a ‘ball’ at the top to support the helmet, and usually needing to attach the holder to a base to make the entire stand more stable. In the end, my cheap $10 stand ended up costing $25 and not really looking that great.

I saw these stands on sale and decided to take a chance. Since I will eventually have all my helmets on display in the same room having all the stands match each other is a plus. I read the reviews and the reviews were good, and the price was perfect, so I placed my order.

I am really happy with these stands. They feel like quality plastic (injection-molded) and are thick and not flimsy. The base is weighted but it looks like I could unscrew the bottom and maybe add more weight if I needed. The only negative I have is the very top half-sphere is really smooth and could use a little grip-tape so the helmets don’t slide around.



I glad I liked them because at $12 each I bought 10 of them.


If you want to mount your helmets from a wall, apparently there are lots of good, inexpensive options of motorcycle helmet stands available online.

For 12 bucks you can't go wrong on the GameStop stands. I made mine from round pine coved wood plates from Michael's and some oak dowel from Home Depot,. With paint, I'm sure that it is over 12 dollars each.

Those are a great price.

I am still a big believer in the use of grid walls especially for helmets.

like most of my previous display related posts, mst of my concern comes to space saving issues. Having a few helmets, stands are okay. But when you start acquiring a large number, you start running out of space really fast.

I found the grid wall to be an answer to a lot of problems. By hanging them on the wall, I can use shelf space for other items or the collectable helmets that have their own collector stands. Also I can hang it really high on the wall. This is wall space that usually goes to waste because it is too high for shelving or photos. The grid wall also allows for easy addition or subtraction of helmets in my collection. You can easily move the placement of the helmets around so it doesn’t look like I am missing anything, something not easily done if you are screwing individual fixtures into the wall. In the case of this photo, I added a grid wall shelf to take up space until I had another helmet to add. In the photo there are 11 helmets in the single space. It now has 12 which is pretty much the limit for that space.

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