Need Electronic sound help on Indian Wars Bugle from Son of the Morning Star!

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    Does any one out there have the know how to build an audio electronic speaker insert that could be programable and played in a bugle with pre recorded Bugle calls? I need a unit that on a press of the button can play bugle calls and be amplified enough to sound loud like a bugle...
    An example can be seen here.... Order Products id by that one but the bugle is the large version.. cavalry is smaller....

    This bugle will be used by our Cavalry Honor guard in the Cheyenne Police Department.... I can provide the builder the actual bugle used in the TV movie Son of the Morning Star for sizing.... please email if interested in taking on the job. or call (3o3) 817 9339!


    Thanks Guys!
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    Email Sent
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    Can't you find a trumpet player in a local high school or Boy Scout troop who would be willing to play for you? You could contact Bugles Across America.


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