Need AT-AT graphic


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Hey all,

Has anyone watched IMPS: The Relentless?

In the beginning of Chapter 1, there's this big panoramic of the AT-AT's. Well in this panoramic, they show an image of a chic, laying on the Imperial Cog. It' painted on the nose of the AT-AT, much like how chics were painted on old warplanes.

My question is, does anyone have that graphic?

I wrote to the IMPS group about this, but sadly, got no response.

BTW I want this, so I can put it on my AMT AT-AT.



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Can't wait for their next episode.

Have you tried doing a screen grab? Then all you'd have to do is edit in photoshop.


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Can't wait for their next episode.

Have you tried doing a screen grab? Then all you'd have to do is edit in photoshop.
It's at a slight angle, and my photoshop skills just aren't that good :(


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What do you think?
That was fast.
Looks great. Don't know how you did that, but, it looks great.

Thanks Staermose. This is gonna look so cool on my AT-AT.

Will post pics when it's complete. Just waiting to get it back from combatser, who's adding lights for me.


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Glad you like it, it wasn't so difficult. It only had to look good enough for an ERTL AT-AT. So it wasn't going to be very big.
First thing I did was to get the circle back to looking like a circle. Then I had the basic shape. After that, I cut out the girl and did some painting on her and altered her colors to look more like an old pin up poster. The Imperial logo and the letters on the bottom was redrawn in vector. The whole thing was combined in photshop and that all there is to it.



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Sooooo..... when can we expect to see the finished AT-AT with the graphic on? :confused
Sadly...I'm still waiting for my kit to come back, with the lights installed.

Hopefully that'll be soon.


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So....I send Chris the exclusive troopers (we were trading these troopers for the labor costs of doing the lighting), the model and money for parts.

He tells me that he received it on February 27th.

He still hasn't started on this, even after claims of being nearly ready to ship.

I write to him and ask for everything to just be returned and after the 2nd time asking; I get this:

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Fine I will send your stuff back as soon as I have time. Keep pushing me and I will smash it all.
Chris W[/b]
Nice guy huh?

Here's his business website:

So....since I may never get the model back, I'm probably gonna need to get another kit, before I can use the label. :cry


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Yeah, your email doesn't seem to work. So I will post to you directly here...

Here's the deal.... no I didn't ever get to it. Unfortunately the intention was good, but the time was never possible to lend itself to ever getting it finished. And when I did have time, I forgot about it with the all the other things I had. Sorry about that. But I am NOT gonna say that's life. I really wanted to get this done for you, but so much other sh.t got piled on top of it, that I never got that chance. As time went by, I got swamped with more crap and it seemed hopeless like you were never going to get it or worse, just get plain ripped off. Well I am not that kind of person. True I procrastinated WAY too long, But I am no thief. Now, here is where I am at right now..
I sent you an email a little while back saying it was going out in the morning WITH a tracking number. So that night I got the boxes ready with all my other shipping stuff, and wouldn't you know it, after 2-3 times of getting your address, I cannot find it with any of my emails. Might have been because I have changed computers about 3 times since then and lost things. So I put in on my shelf and was just going to email you later that day to get it. Well once again out of site out of mind. And here I still sit with your box in hand, but no address. I wouldn't have remembered again had I not came home for lunch and saw your name on my phone's caller ID and thought well @#$%., I had better get hold of you before this goes on any further. (And it has been long enough.)
So please give me your address asap. If you can get it to me in the next hour, I will ship it out today when the mail man picks up all the boxes from the office, otherwise it will have to wait until tomorrow mail.
I am sending you back your AT-AT in the box. (it has the missing gun on the nose that I told you about when I first got it)
Your 3 Storm Troopers, Another AT-AT, your $20 back, and the LEDs I was going to put in there.
Very sorry it didn't work out the way I wanted. Every other time I volunteer to do something it works out great but for some stupid reason, this was just not to be. So I am very sorry it ended up like this, but you will at least get your stuff back.
Chris W

This was an email from ealrier today, so it WILL have to wait till tomorrow. And a mistake.. your FOUR Storm Troopers. and I never found the LEDs. But it is packed waiting for an address.