Need Advice on my Scarlet Spidey (Kaine) Costume!


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As the title says! I just finished working on the new scarlet spidey costume (red and black) and I pretty much just sewed black fabric over a red morph suit and while I thought the results were pretty sweet I've decided that I want to have a more professional looking costume. I wanna work on a suit on photoshop that I can print out but first I need a costume pattern. It doesn't have to be a Spider-Man pattern but i just need something to work on. I mean besides the red and black and the spider emblems on the costume, I just wanna add bricks and muscle shading to the suit to add to its overall effect. It would be my first time working with a suit on photoshop but I've been reading some of the other posts on here. Does anyone know where I can get like a sample pattern or anything like it that I can mess around with? Any and all help is appreciated!