Need Advice/Help with GLaDOS Headpiece


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I am about to begin making my GLaDOS head piece. The only other head piece I've made was a Pyramid Head helmet, which turned out great, but that was made from cardboard and cardboard won't do for this project. Rather than making the GLaDOS head piece that everyone makes, which only covers half the face and is small (more like a decoration), I'd like for mine to be more like the real thing. I want the helmet to come from the back of the head all the way forward and down just passed my chin. Should I use Worbla for the whole thing? Or EVA foam or something else? I'm also not sure how to structure it sit just off my face a bit. I have a camera lense to use for the eye piece, but I'm not sure what the best type of light is to use for behind it on the inside. I want to be able to remove the whole thing and have the make-up be intact under it for general walking around.

If there are already threads on this subject, please do point me to them. Or helmets that are similar with WIP photos maybe? The only tutorials I've been able to find are for the half piece made from floral styrofoam.


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If I was going to build something like this I'd go with EVA foam. If you can balance it out then go with a bike helmet as a mounting point. The helmet would be easy to remove and give you a chin strap to keep it from wobbling too much. Since you aren't going to use it as a protective helmet you should be able to find them in a thrift store for cheap.

An LED palm light from a Harbor Freight would be a cheap, easy, and lightweight way to light up the eye. Couple it with a properly colored piece of cellophane and it should give you the right color and a few hours of run time.
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