Need advice for my Cpt. America Shield


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I "found" this sweet 28" round concave disk made of thick metal (about 20 pounds won't flex)
no holes or lips, or dings..perfect for my Cpt. shield....I don't have alot of resources..just tape and spray paint....any suggestions on what paints to use that won't peel off from me taping them up and scoring... heres my plan..after a good sanding...I need a good primer(any suggestions) then I was thinking of a glossy white for the base paint...maybe some epoxy paint used for spraying appliances?? then I need some painters tape to cover the shield and etch out and paint the rings red/blue....of course after waiting several days of drying time....and then a clear coat....SO I guess my question would be any suggestions on a durable paint for heavy gage steel and a good masking tape...


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There are a lot of paints for industrial use. Krylon makes some. Look for your paint in a farm supply store (tractor paint).