Need a quick tip.


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Hey everyone,

I am working on armor suit at the moment, and I am trying to build a metal style calf armor piece. The problem I am running into with the foam is that i have a big upper half, and I am not really sure how to get the contour right. Should I be splitting the thing up to front and back pieces? Or is there some kind of nifty calf pattern piece that might help me out here.

Just not sure how to go about it, never done this before.

Using 5mm foam.

If I cant ill just plaster caster it lol, and use that.


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found a what i thought looked like a cool alternative to conventional calf Armour, this way you can have it as wide as you want ?

fantasy-leg-armor-etched-stainless-lady-warrior-gear-1.jpg legs-armor-splinted-greaves-with-etching.jpg medieval-splinted-etched-greaves-leg-armor-sca-reenactment-stainless-2.jpg kerpondoshtrs06.jpg medieval-splinted-etched-greaves-leg-armor-sca-reenactment-stainless-6.jpg


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I would go with an alternate if it was just a type of armor nothing specific, but I am trying to stick as close to Edward Elric's style of armor as I can.

Thanks for the suggestion though!
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