Need a little help. Ral Zarek Costume.


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So I need a little help with something. I am planning on starting my Ral Zarek costume and I like to plan somethings out or even see if it is possible. So here is the costume.
Blast_of_Genius.jpgral2.jpgral-zarek.jpg xsNU4.jpg
As you can see the cool part of the costume is the lightning and lights. I really want to make sure that the effect is there. I was curious if any one could help me out with the lighting in the chamber on his back. Maybe someone has done something similar. I haven't worked with LED lights in a costume before but I work as a high and low voltage electrician during the summers so I am not afraid to do any electrical.


Yay, another Ral Zarek costume! The finished results of my speedbuild last halloween you can see here > I really only did the lighting for the device at my side. For that I lined a bowl with aluminium foil, stuck the led in there, and capped it with a large magnifying glass. I covered the magnifying glass with some plastic wrap to give more of a distorted, electrical look. It did it's job with the time restraints that I had but you might get better results rigging up some sort of jar of liquid that you can shine a light through, just a thought.