need a base for a batsuit


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I want to make a batsuit similar to the one in arkham asylum. So I need it to be skin tight and grey in colour or
made of a dyable fabric. I'll probably use a batman begins cowl and make everythinh else from scratch, but can't start until I have something as a base
Also try East Bay. A lot of people use there compression tights and tops for bases. I believe they come in grey. The Belt or briefs should cover where the pieces meet.
thanks! compression suit will work perfect.

now, you wouldnt happen to know what i could do for boots? gloves and cape do ya?

all needs to be fairly cheap too!
post your advances in your suit cause I was thinking of making one for me but the money was an issue, hope you manage to put tutorials or links for getting the parts in a fair price :)
:// Gives direction on how to make a Batman cape. There are other tutorials on the site dealing with boots and gloves. (Generic, but could be adapted to Batman)
For batman gloves i used Fox motorcross gloves. You could use pepakura to fashion templates of the gauntlets / boots and belt to build out of foam.
I have it on good authority that a good, inexpensive base for the costume is a set of Starter brand tights!


You could get get lucky and find something at the thrift store i swear by savers i have found so much good usable clothing for dark night suits i would try there or a goodwill even an everyday thrift store
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