Neca Predator 2 City Hunter Unmasked


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Hope u guys enjoy my latest repaint on my NECA City Hunter Predator Unmasked version..
i used the Stan Winston model to repaint and zooming and looking and mixing the colors this is what i got, so im posting also the reference image and judge by yourselves










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thank u both!! im actually running a contest to win a figure just like this on my facebook page... are u guys interested ?? look for me on DaNO's CUsTOmS and check the details... im very glad u guys liked it
how wud u thin the paints ?? cuz i look over and over the picture, maybe u cant see the yellowish layers i have on it... but thanx any way @uruk
thats what i did... but @Uruk thinks is too thick... i even did a dry brush on top of it.... will post most recent pics of it later... thanks Wayne anyway :D
too many layers can also give the feel of thickness.

i think you'll get better over time. practice is the key to success.
cool... good observation, i was looking at ur pics and those classics and super preds look great.. but i guess u missed the black marks on the side of the forehead of the city hunter... bt thanx for the tips :p
so i improved the painting and also the thickness, also i noticed a couple of mistakes i did and this is how it turned .... enjoy

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thank u very much @67jake and we're in the same agony my friend... today on twitter Randy answered me that the first wave of 2 comes in september, but we shall wait till SDCC for more news... if u have twitter follow me on @danlores
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