NECA Original Freddy Glove in NOV


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Hey guys,

Just thought you Freddy fans out there might like to know that entertainmentearth has a NECA 1984 Nightmare on Elm St. glove set to come out in November this year. Anyone else heard/seen this? The description makes it sound like it will be on par with (if not better) than the remake glove. Wearable and all around awesome.

Discussion and pics when we find them!
Considering the quality and ignoring the accuracy of the remake glove, a more accurate original glove is going to be amazing especially for 60 dollars.
Really looks like the original, doesn't it? They also did a great job on the remake glove, and although a bit big and a "one size fits all" feel (off course), it's a great display piece.
Yeah, that's a detail I've never noticed watching the movies back in the day:lol
It also seems from the pic's, the index finger-knife looks broken off, and being put back on...:confused
Some official pictures posted by NECA, can't wait.

where did you find these pictures? i just keep seeing this pic and it doesn't quite look the same. the glove is stitched instead of pinned and it just looks all around different
I really like that it comes with the display stand. It has the black hand in the box with it, so I assume it will come included.
Yes, it will. One came with the remake glove and it is a nice touch. If you have the remake glove, you just KNOW this thing is going to be awesome.
The safety pin is not an accurate detail. I'm thinking maybe that seam broke while they were taking the pictures and used that as a quick fix? Surely that isn't on the actual product.
Holy crap! I just sold my fan made one because it didn't quite fit with my collection but after seeing this I'm rethinking my position. The fact that it comes with a hand stand really sold it for me.
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