NECA 2011 Lost Predators


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Hey everyone its me Anytime3, you know the guy who screwed up his first post, anyway I came across these pic's the other day and I could not find them on the Lair so I decided to put them up. NECA is apparently going to release all of the Lost Predators by the end of the year, they will also give us a SDCC exclusive classic figure with a Gort head.
The two here are Hippie or Shaman and Boar.

and here is the SDCC Gort

I would add the pic's here but I don't want to break any rules if there are any after my first topic. To all who read that and viewed it as bad I want to say I'm sorry, I am new to the lair so I just wanted to put up a test post to make sure I did not look like a fool but I ended up looking like one anyway. If I ever make a mistake on the Lair again please let me know so I can make sure it doesn't happen again.



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Not to sound like an ass or anything, but when it comes to picposting... leave it to Sabre's man. :(

Just a for-mentioning. You will never, NEVER, get a pic posted before he already has it up. He is like the PREDATOR PIC PROVIDER on the Lair (I mean this in a good way of course). The man is amazing in the speed he uses to put up pics.