Neca 1/4 Elder Custom

Ali oz

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I have been eagerly awaiting NECA to do a 1/4 Elder Predator but it seems unlikely, in the near future anyway so I decided to make my own.
Its only my 2nd custom project but im happy with the out come so far. I have a little bit of paint work still to do and I want a flinllock pistol for it still. I did all the sculpting and paint myself. I know its not movie accurate but I kinda just wanted something that looked good enough. Its open mouthed to be a bit different in case NECA do release oone which will be closed mouth. Im prob gonna do a second one now with closed mouth now anyway as I think the final finish will be a better likeness. Anyway thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

hunterslair 037.JPG

hunterslair 050.JPG

hunterslair 060.JPG

hunterslair 070.JPG

hunterslair 093.JPG

hunterslair 097.JPG

hunterslair 095.JPG

hunterslair 089.JPG


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Yeah man, that looks pretty damn good for only be your second. May I suggest getting some black sculpey and making small quills and attaching them to the dome and brow areas?

Ali oz

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Cheers guys. I'm happy with how the sculp and paint came out. I've managed to source a pistol now, from an 18" Jack Sparrow figure. Once that's all painted up I'll post some more pics.
As for quills I had thought about that but I am a little reluctant as they will be very fragile. I was thinking some sort of nylon, like a clothes tag might be good?!
I'll update when it's all done. :)
Thanks again for checking it out!

Ali oz

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Good suggestions!
I've sculpted a closed mouth version this week and I'm gonna spend the weekend painting it. I've also got 2 18" jack sparrows on their way in time so I'll have 2 flint lock pistols for the figures. Once I've got the 2nd figure to the same stage as this one I'll post some pictures and then I can look at putting the finishing touches to both i.e quills etc.
From doing the 1st I've learnt a few things that will hopfully make my 2nd effort a lot better?! So check back with me in a few days and hopfully I'll have a new improved version!
Thanks again for your input guys!