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Okay. I know this is a bit late to post but I only saw a few who tackled it here. So i did Nebula from Guardians of the galaxy. I made it last year around September 2014. It wasn't really a plan nor part of the plan or any cosplan. HAHAHA! i just got dragged into it and me who never backs out on a challenge accepted it. BWAHAHA!

All my pieces are made from rubber/eva foam/l-200.
10577130_775199312532561_4054824812553180486_n.jpg 10686704_775447519174407_1931621530112413984_n.jpg 10636324_775428845842941_939406008022401858_n.jpg

10370831_778289112223581_3837683245356597360_n.jpg 10473615_780916041960888_2003666473978467754_n.jpg

I made the costume myself. Sew it in 3 days. HA HA HA! (Sorry. I'm really lazy nowadays. I have to get the adrenalin kick in before I move my a**)

10665888_779770268742132_5451354633960875459_n.jpg 10622933_778036342248858_3782757693285475908_n.jpg

Of course the greatest challenge was TADAAAAAA! yeah. I shaved my hair for it. LOLS. Made a collage of my cosplay transformation. That's my real hair and I've never ever in my life have cut it more than past my shoulder until last year. And the irony is, it's not just past my shoulder - it's totally gone. ~nyahaha. talk about extreme. Lols. I kinda broke our community when I first posted a pic of my shaved head. lols.


Front & back details.

The real story was this - my 2 friends have been asked to do Star-Lord & Gamora for a promotion gig. Then we had another friend who suddenly posted of his groot. So feeling left out I called them out saying - that's unfair I'm left with the hardest and most badass character in the group HAHAHAHA. A friend dared me that if I do nebula he'll take care of my facepaints & other things that I will need. At first I was trying to look for bald caps but its really hard to find here. Then I really thought about it. That time, around September last year, it was really hot here in the country & I'm getting sick of my hair 'coz its really eating up all my time everyday. I have really thick hair and it eats like 2-3 hours tamign it. HAHAHA! SO I told them, okay i'll just shave my head. At first, of course, they don't believe me but then I just posted a photo 2 days before the con we're debuting the group and everyone had a heart attack. HAHAHA! I don't regret it tho. Its so easier & I don't worry about it much anymore - less-prep time too. I had to wear a wig when I'm going to the office though HAHA. Some didn't even notice. But yeah I told my boss coz he was curious and I said, "I shaved my head" and he asked why and I just said 'coz I wanted to & it was for a hobby. NYAHAHA!

Here's my GOTG groupmates. Still missing Drax. So hard to find heavy-built guys here. lols. Our Rocket is still a baby HAHAHA

10420423_782490855136740_7841094667502919343_n.jpg 1090945_794022777316881_1192111759417374085_o.jpg

Star-Lord's doing the fabulous pose ala Hawkeye. Lols.
1911226_793106710741821_5302449833739956768_o.jpg 10659038_793154200737072_6997334114686866885_o.jpg

Daughters of Thanos. with my sis Gamora.
10258888_781379721914520_7050636698476613018_o.jpg 10431179_785021208217038_7931904956764928444_o.jpg

we have our own character shirts.
10636867_787405411311951_5792040914673750836_o.jpg 10549002_787420211310471_7401252654282811718_o.jpg

By october I also competed with this since it was the only costume I made for that year. And I said, heck, I shaved my head so why not have the community see it in the biggest Cosplay event we have here.
1798470_785878708131288_1315203525160135885_n.jpg 1382136_785802951472197_3968398906633268242_n.jpg 10710988_785878844797941_4157438711560529266_n.jpg 1622778_785803001472192_8903859803413817483_n.jpg

James Gunn also re-tweeted our photo & noticed us. :D
10710912_787678177951341_3879683412511819008_n.jpg 10710576_785778004808025_8088773617271620203_n.jpg

More photos here


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Actually, Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me asked for a photo with me & posted it on her Instagram :p She was a judge and she thought I was just wearing a bald cap & was surprised I wasn't. So she asked for a photo. LOLS. (I don't ask for photos, the guests asked to have photos of me. how badass is that? HAHAHAHA! ~joke)


Oh, wow!

I'd never have the courage to shave my head for a costume, even with a wig collection in my closet :D

That's such dedication, I love it


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You rocked it.

yay! Thanks!

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Retweet from James Gunn is justification for your talent.

That was really unexpected. But very cool. :D

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Oh, wow!

I'd never have the courage to shave my head for a costume, even with a wig collection in my closet :D

That's such dedication, I love it

i actually have thought about it. Its was not really for cosplay. half of it maybe but half was really because its so hot here and i wanted a change. Plus its experience. :D

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very cool!


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Izabel. What did you use to make your Nebula and the Gamora swords!

Mine's eva foam. i'll try to post pictures of it. I don't have w.i.p's tho. For Gamora's sword I know its wood.

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Very cool, you don't tend to see many Nebula costumes being worked on and you did a good job on yours.

yeah. i think its because of the shaved look. but thanks!

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You guys looked fantastic! Love the commitment to the craft...shaving your head! Just awesome.

hehe. Thank you. :D
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