near desperate! need advice on hydrocal mold 9/18

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so im making a nautolan (kit fisto) mask for my custom mando and ive never done any real mold making before

this is what i have


im not calling it done yet but figure before i get to that point getting some advice

and i have a few questions.
i want this to be a latex mask and i think i remember reading somewhere that you cant do latex mask with latex mold is this true?
and could i use polyureathane to make a mold and jacket all in one since its liquid that turns into pretty much plastic?

any advise is welcome
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Re: mold making help!!

If you want the final product to be cast in Latex stone (ultracal) or fiberglass would be the best mold material.
Re: mold making help!!

if i were to use either of those would i still need to make some form of rubber coating for the detail before hand?
Re: mold making help!!

if i were to use either of those would i still need to make some form of rubber coating for the detail before hand?

Not sure exactly what you mean. But here's a vid of a guy making a ultracal mold for pred head for latex copies. It's an easy enough process just need to take you time and get the dividing wall at a nice 90 deg and make sure your piece doesn't lock in.

How to make a two part plaster mold for latex masks - YouTube
Re: mold making help!!

Fin head is right, a stone mould it best for this. The need to make your mould out or a porous material so the mould can draw out the water in the latex to allow an even thickness to form.

If you have sculpted on a polystyrene head, you could actually make a one piece mould and thn pour acetone into the mould to dissolve the head and get to the clay.

The plaster will pick up detail just fine.
Re: mold making help!!

Ultracal-30 or Hydrocal is what you need to make this out of Rubber Latex, th original was made from Foam Latex and a friend of mine actually applied it on the actor for the Movie, I can ask IF he has any Photos of the Sculpt before molding but I can't promise anything.
Re: mold making help!!

thanks for the info everyone im glad i asked here before dropping money on materials i wouldnt need on this project ill post some pics of what hopefully wont be a disaster sometime soon haha
Re: near desperate! need advice on hydrocal mold

so last night i made a mold using the suggested hydrocal BUT for some reason i didnt use ANY form of mold release.

i used a rotary to cut along the seam but i went to pull them apart and tiny bits start to ship as if it was about to break SO

my question is should i just sat my goodbyes to the scuplt and start tearing it out through the bottom and and my mold that way? or is there an easier way?

thanks ahead of time
Ouch. It's pretty unlikely that you will be able to recover your mold or sculpt intact. The best you'll be able to hope for is that you don't destroy your headform and are able to use it to try again.
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