NCR Ranger Sequoia!


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Ok... so to start off, im learning how to make stuffs. So.... I chose this!


I did most of the barrel and made the body of the cylinder so far.... too bad my cousins cant help me... :darnkids







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oh.. btw... do you guys have a way of putting precise lettering on the barrel? i just cant paint letters without it being too big..

Sluis Van Shipyards

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The only way I can think of to do the lettering and engraving, without actually engraving it, would be to make decals on clear decal film. That would take some serious Photoshop skills unless you can find the writing by itself.


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well... i painted it... the side with "against all tyrants" is much better than the other side. The letter is bad since... the foam i use to be more precise isnt hard enough.. It's drying and I'll post when its done.... :)

EDIT: Here it is :)


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ok, so I did some more stuff and this sequioa is starting to look more like itself...
I still need the gold engravings and stuff, but i think this is good for a first time gun build :)





Btw.... is this like a not really interesting build? I dont really see things like this in the forum..
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